Emily Lagasse, Founder & Owner, Fedwell

Emily Lagasse is dedicated to creating the best natural products to keep pets healthy and happy. In 2010, when she returned from her Peace Corps service in Togo, she brought Fenway, her African dog home with her. Once back in America, Fenway became ill on the traditional American dog food diet. Emily began taking classes, learned how to cook for him, and nursed him back to health. She founded her company, Fedwell based on the recipes that healed her dog and kept him healthy. Fedwell makes healthy natural dog food based on home-cooking principles, containing wholesome, balanced ingredients for optimal nutrition and flavor.

Emily began taking classes at CWE in 2011 while she was working on another business idea, focused on sharing popular beverage flavor profiles from other countries and parts of the world. She took advantage of classes like “Explore Entrepreneurship,” “Accelerate Your Small Business,” “Advancing Your Startup”, Social Media workshops, as well one-on-one consulting. While she wound up not pursuing this particular business venture, the experience with CWE helped her feel prepared and well informed when the right business idea came along.  

Emily learned an invaluable lesson that CWE tries to pass along to its’ clients everyday – do the research before you start any business. If anything, you find out your idea is better than expected, or, if you’re like Emily, the research shows that maybe this particular business is not right for you or the economy you’re trying to sell in. It does not mean that you should give up on entrepreneurship – it just means you need to find the right business for you! Luckily for Emily she has found the right one that she is passionate about and holds close to her heart.

Through her passion, Emily was able to run a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013 where she raised just over $20,000. On September 24 Emily competed on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome for a chance at $50,000! We know this is just the beginning for Emily and we look forward to keeping up with her along the way!