Robin Squibb, Granny Squibb's

A New Beginning

Robin Squibb HeadshotRobin Squibb changed her life after 9/11. After working in the New York film industry for some time, the attacks cemented her desire to move back to the calmer Narragansett Bay area of RI. Initially she tried to commute to NY, but as she became increasingly attached to RI she began pondering how she could now make a living outside of the film industry.

The 53rd Try

Robin’s grandmother was a local culinary hero who had created a lemon/mint tea that people were still brewing 100 years later. Robin began researching how she could turn her granny’s recipe into a business.

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Granny Squibb's
Narragansett, RI

A friend referred her to the Providence office of CWE where she quickly signed up for the 13 week Power Up class. “It was the perfect program for someone like me who knew absolutely nothing about starting up or running a business,” she says. “It covered all the basics in a manner that was comprehensible to neophytes.” After a long process to find a commercial recipe that would taste as authentic as the home brew, Robin finally created a beverage she was satisfied with on the 53rd attempt.

Quenching New England’s Thirst

In 2009 Robin began selling Granny Squibb’s Astonishingly Delicious Lemon/Mint Tea. She quickly increased her distribution to 150 outlets within the year and added another flavor in 2010. She is currently working on a product development deal with Trader Joes and her product is distributed throughout New England.