Kim Lamothe, 2011 Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award Winner

Kim Lamothe in her greenhouseWhile I always had innate horticultural talent and dreamed of being able to say, “I have to meet a client,” the reality was that by my mid-twenties I was living in a fourth-floor apartment in a dingy neighborhood in Fall River, MA, driving a beater of a car and working in terrible waitressing jobs.

In 2005 I went to CWE in Providence. I got a partial scholarship to take the “Power-Up” course. The class taught me how to write a business plan, develop my elevator pitch -- and directed me to a company where I received a $1,000 loan. I bought gardening tools and put a down-payment on a truck.

Because of my logo and business card, developed in my class at CWE, my workload increased and I was able to buy a better truck the next year. The landscape work I was doing segued into more elite horticultural work and, finally, I was able to break into the wedding business. In 2010, I was selected to be a Vendor Partner with Longwood Events, a lifestyle company with four luxury event venues in New England.

The Importance of Giving Back

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CWE is responsible for the existence of my business as well as my dramatically improved self-esteem. Something I also learned from CWE was the importance of giving back. I offer my services at a reduced rate to one bride per season. Thanks to CWE I know that all people need is an opportunity and I am beyond grateful for the progress I have made to this point.

The Center For Women & Enterprise changed my life. Without it I would never have found the confidence to believe in myself -- to go from Kim with the green thumb to Greenlion Design: Gardens and Florals the Green Way.

A Woman of Many Talents

In 2011, Kim won the Andrea C. Silbert Rising Star Award. She was presented her award at the annual CWE Auction & Gala Celebration. The crowd of over 300 people from across New England were not only touched by her story but also by her talent. As part of her acceptance speech Kim shared with all a song she wrote for CWE.